I’m aware…its June

If you haven’t noticed…the month is June. Honestly up until today I got scared to even utter its word.

As June recently has only marked terrible things. It marked the change of my family’s life with Jacob’s diagnosis and crippling PTSD for the last several years. I hated June so much I was hoping to just hibernate through it.

But not this June! None of that. Health and prosperity is on the calendar instead. Only AMAZING things have happened. Everything clicking from work to family.

Moments to remember:)

Jacob’s last day of school saying goodbye teacher for the past two years who is pure magic. Thank you profe!

And this one became a man overnight. Who turned 12 and…

Went to his first dance. Getting ready with bros ❤️

Oh and one more…I saw someone special. Please excuse the crab headpiece. I was chaperoning the 5th grade dance and you bet I danced right with them:) Benno…not so much, but I caught a moment.

That’s Angela. She is the incoming HEAD OF SCHOOL at Avenues China and at one point was a Kindergartener teacher who I had the honor to mentor. Bursting for her! So well deserved.

So this June… We celebrated graduations, honoring, and new beginnings even as far away from Italy in this beautiful month.

Fucking June!

I have never felt stronger more complete and more confident in my life. It took 43 years 🤣. And I should document that! Not always gloom and doom this life.

I am proud of who I am and what I stand for and all of the people I’ve loved in my life. That includes you Nightwing.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve learned that there are bad people who will attempt to screw us, but in the end it turns out to pay dividends and more. Opening up doors and unlocking value.

This past week I’ve been AMAZED at all of the women and men who want to jump to be part of anything I do or to help when called upon. And when I ask why? As some of these people I’ve lost money for. The response? It would be an honor to work with you.

That is what someone said. An honor. 

No I am honored. I am honored that I can include you all in my village. But from this point on, I am no longer going to talk about villages. We are upgrading all. It doesn’t take a village to make change. It takes an army.

And we have knives. Loads of them.

This is my June baby!

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  1. Abby, I am so happy June is good for you and your family. I love your vision and goals and are elated that your family is healthy.

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