What is fast?  Like everything it is all relative.

Each one of us feels things are going fast. Faster than ever before. The world just spinning faster!

This moment in The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel summed up the 1950’s feeling of fast.  (skip to 2:25)

These men discuss how life has changed so drastically with the invention of phones, radios, and the concept of feminism. They wallow in the dispair of it all. The lostness.

Their conversation no different than ours. Same feeling, just different topics. Reinforcing how hard it is to feel settled in this constant world of change. How after years of finding yourself, establishing who you are in the world, it feels like they keep changing the game. The goal post has yet again moved. The world changes and again you are hunting to find your place.

I wonder what these men would think of the world now? We are in a whole new relative dimension of FAST.

For sure this is a FAST and if man struggled with the radio…what does this mean for us?

But we forget what our biggest human trait is- ADAPTABILITY.

Innovation is what makes us human. This sole attribute allows us to reign over all species on planet Earth.

For example, when looking at all species on earth and measuring their efficiency for locomotion humans aren’t even close to near the top. Not even close. We are anything but efficient. I would argue efficiency is the best metric of evolution advantage between species. But if you allow a human riding a bicycle into the field, we are now number one, even beating the Condor bird.

Our tools are our superpower. 

And those tools are coming fast. Putting AI aside for a bit (which you know I can go on and on about) I would like to focus on AR (Augmented Reality). I have been following AR since the first time I saw it in 2013. While everyone was going on and on about VR (Virutal Reality) I always thought AR was the prize.

The ultimate tool.

And it is here.

If you have not seen Apple’s announcement of vision pro…please take a minute and check this out. Our vision has just been augmented. Where we can meld our computational worlds with our physical worlds. This is the beginning of AR. Just the beginning.

Why should you care? Because man just made a tool that will infiltrate everything that you do one day.

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