Why Physics?

I’ve gotten a few people asking me, why physics?

Because I am still searching for the WHY to cure cancer. Steve and I have continued our Nightwing work and have no plan on stopping.

And guess what, cancer does rhyme with answer. I feel confident we will cure cancer in this lifetime. Thank you Jacob for the push.

But below…a reminder of the start of my inquiry into quantum physics (from a blog post in 2019).

 It started with physics.

In my search. Nope. That’s not the right word. In my spiral for the WHY, I landed on quantum physics. Yes. Quantum physics. It happened fast…i was reading about the space-time continuum only two weeks after Jacob’s diagnosis. I was thirsty for the WHY and there I was within a few days of searching reading physics. 

It was easy to get there. Just ask THE questions and you will get there. 

Why did this happen?!! 

That was the big question and in order to answer it I spiraled into the following:

Why does disease happen?

Why do some have it and others don’t?

What does it mean to be human?

Why do we exist?

Are humans just made of cells that have a predetermined future?

Can we change our biological make up?

How did humans get this make up? 

What happened before the big bang?

And it always led to…

How can I stop it? How can I change the course of life? Who has the reigns here?


And without boring you… I started reading quantum physics texts.

And in the texts, I found sidebars the “did you know” sections where they spoke about scholars from centuries prior to modern-day who had these insights into the workings of the world as quantum physicists now know. Before the tools to measure. Before telescopes to see matter light-years away.  Before it all! these scholars had wisdom way beyond their years. 

The scholars all held the title of rabbi.

And that felt interesting. 

So I looked these rabbis up. 

The rabbis were Kabbalists. All of them.

That is how the journey began and it’s still very much in progress. My road to physics and Kabbalah. I graduated Kabbalah 2 yesterday:)

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