Where are you in school?

I’ve been studying physics for the past 2 years. To be exact I’m studying the field of quantum physics with a focus on Acutonics, the science and math of sound/ frequencies.

When this comes up in conversation, without a doubt the next question is. “Where do you go to school?”

What an antiquated question. And a dangerous one. 

According to the US national labor of statistics, students in college today will hold 11 DISTINCT jobs by the time they are 50. 11 jobs. And these are distinct jobs meaning each is a totally different field. Just let that sink in. I doubt anyone reading this has had more than 3 careers. I know for one, I’ve only had one- education.

And I think the number 11 is a not even accurate. This stat was created prior to AI’s recent developments. My guess? Probably close to 20.  Your child will hold 20 different vocations. An actress, a publicist, a data analyst, an influencer, ….the list goes on. Many different lives. 

For the past hundreds of years we have treated education as an upfront investment. You put in the years of schooling when you are young and then you are set for life. That model is obsolete. It does not work today. There is no way for a school to educate you for a future that changes daily. And there is no major that will give you the skills for 11 different vocations. Especially when these schools don’t even know what that 10th and 11th vocation will be as it hasn’t been invented yet.

The WHERE you go to school question infers that you need to go somewhere to be educated and infers that a school is required to get knowledge. For the past 400 years that was correct. Education was access. Access to people, access to books that you couldn’t get at home. It required you to go to school. It required you to sit in rows at a place and time to hear that knowledge.

So where am I in school? Everywhere.

After glancing at the syllabus of all of the greatest quantum physics departments in the world (not just the US), I bought the textbook that was used by most (a nod to my age as I still require a physical book to learn). I found the names of the best scientists in the world, and study directly under them with this beautiful thing called YouTube and the internet. Some of my courses are not even offered at most physics departments. There is not one school that can give me the education I am seeking.

And where does this happen? In my PJs in bed. I have scientists that I ping on social media channels and blogs that I can enter in to discuss topics I’m struggling with. This morning I spoke to a professor at the University of Bolgona in Italy. How did I get in contact with them? Google! I can read their original works online and even watch any lectures they post, all for free. And I can pause and rewind! All of the information is there and at my pace from the BEST educators in the world.

Education is everywhere and we NEED to stop thinking of it as a place or a time. It is every day. And the future will require LIFETIME LEARNERS.

Your children will need education for their entire lives. There is no such thing as “graduating.” The greatest gift you can give them is to teach them how to learn and the best way to do that is to model it. You are NOT too old to learn new things. You can be a lifelong learner. But what I’m learning is that people don’t know where to start. 

So here are some resources that I recommend to begin your own learning. 

Masterclass: I’m a huge fan of learning from the BEST and often the best is not in the classroom. Learn from the true practitioners, the ones actually doing it, not talking about it. Should you take an acting course from an acting school coach or Natalie Portman? I’m going Portman!

Coursera: More traditional college level courses live on this site and range from Yale to the University of Sydney. I highly recommend Yale’s class on mindfulness, it’s the number one class at the university, and very few actual students can get into it. But now you can access it for $12.

Udemy: Want to learn something that universities don’t do well (psychedelic studies, bee keeping, etc), this site is full of passionate experts in their field that want to share their knowledge. Classes can be as cheap as $5! 

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