What if you led your entire life thinking the worst, BUT you have all the capabilities to deal with it all?

Instead of freaking out, experiencing anxiety, feeling paralyzed, or at least stressed, you just operate and solve it. How? Because you have already thought of every potential disaster. You are prepared!

While a gift…it makes life quite rigorous. 

These individuals don’t see an ordinary sidewalk when walking down the street, but instead a myriad of eventual disasters.  Each crack in the cement is a potential fall and registering (and accessing) all the people around that could have possible evil intentions is a full cognitive load. 

But they exist. I at least know of one. 

Steve Brody is a member of this tribe. He lives his life in a CSR, Constant State of Readiness

He lives his entire life ready for what is next, even if the statistical relevance of that event is less than 1%.

And while reading this, you may be envious, but It has its drawbacks. Steve has never felt the the feeling of a true surprise. How could he? He is always aware. I mean this man knows ALL. He tracks everyone I know. 

But everyone deserves to feel this feeling. However, surprising a man who lives in CSR is anything but easy.

But I did it. It took 6 months, but I did it. And I leave it HERE to remember. Look at that face!

How did I do this?

Steve thought he was going to a Tribeca Film Screening and he sat there through a few ordinary previews until THIS (password: Jacklight1) came on. To then reveal that the movie theater was filled with all of his friends and family. 

And the aftermath? Surveillance is up around these parts, lol!

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