Moms Learn New Tricks Update

Hello all,

I have a real wrinkle in this first workshop date, June 6th.

My father is getting a LifeTime Achievement Award for philanthropic service to the Jewish Community for over 5 decades. This was unforeseen, but clearly, I have to be there.

Instead of trying to reschedule with all of your crazy schedules, I have a new plan:) I will be sending dates for the entire series. It will be every three weeks in the fall on a school night.

Below is a sample of the workshops in the series  (Do check out the video links, all things true are funny. If you are laughing…that workshop is for you!)


Artificial intelligence (Are you on your way to being “old” when it comes to technology?…this invention will make you obsolete!)

What we will do: Participate in an AI-led workshop designed and taught by AI. Bring a laptop.

Your New Tricks:

  • You can discuss with a real understanding of what artificial intelligence is.
  • You can log in to chat GPT (for the first time!) and can ask it unique prompts
  • You can create an “AI assistant” for one task you hate doing
  • You have a real understanding as to why one needs to understand AI (for better and worse)

Cyber security (Skip to min 1:00)

What we will do: Hear from cyber experts and watch a live hack into someone’s account.

Your New Tricks:

  • You understand how passwords can get leaked to take preventative actions
  • You have an improved pass management system 

Feminism’s worst enemy, each other?

What we will do: Go to a New York Liberty game at Barclay’s with words from women activists and female sports enthusiasts. 

Your New Tricks:

  • The experience to talk about! Going to your first WMBA team with a bunch of moms (without their kids). Most likely a first for many of us!
  • A new perspective on feminism. 

I’m super excited to continue learning with you all.

Who said moms can’t learn new tricks? Not this one:)

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