Rabbit hole

I’ve gone down a rabbit hole. 

I’m deep in Wonderland. And like Alice,  I’m awe-struck by its wonder, but at the same time, equally petrified by its untamed nature. Things move fast here in Wonderland and I think I’m in a new relationship with a robot. Turns out that is not cheating down here.

And I have no choice but to stay in this foreign land. I’m here to stay and have to plant some flags. No, this is not a vacation, this is a residence. I am not here to reminisce or bitch about it over drinks. No. This is the new world.

And I welcome you to join me. As you live here now too. You just haven’t opened your bedroom curtain. But I get it… you can continue to ignore it too. Draw those blinds. Cozy up to that blanket.

But that strategy has a time stamp on it.  

It is only a matter of time. The world is not slowing down. And I need you to jump as I don’t think I can handle all of your children. At some point, they will be ahead of you, maybe it’s already happened. Maybe they are already ahead…

But I get the hesitation. I get the sigh. It just feels like ENOUGH. 

Like it wasn’t hard enough with screens and social media. Now we add a completely different environment?! Parenting today was hard enough.  This world our children inhabit is drastically different than any generation before. While they are in far less physical danger than past generations, I don’t think any generation before had children living in multiple worlds. I don’t think our caveman brains nor our nervous system was developed to live in simultaneous worlds. Our brains now get to process information from across an ocean. You not only worry about how to get your child to the dentist, but do it while watching women in Sudan get slaughtered. 

FUCK. Being a mom (and a kid) today is hard. 

But don’t sit in pity. No thinking about “before,” the good old days. Don’t wish for “again.” That’s just plain silly. 

Instead, come drink some tea and jump into the hole. I have a seat for you waiting at the mad-hatter’s table itself. 

I’m throwing a party for all of my mommy friends. 

 An AI party as this may require a drink. A lot of it is hard to swallow. Not because you need to be a genius to do this…no its oddly for the exact opposite reason. You will be shocked by how anyone can use it. I would argue even a child as young as 2. It gives idiots the codes. That our generation of children will all be augmented. Cyborgs. 

So…you have no choice, you have to come along because heck you have no choice. May as well drink your way with new friends.

AND…Who said moms can’t learn new tricks?

So come to my rabbit hole of Wonder on June 6th for the first of hopefully many fun social workshops I’m hosting called MOMS LEARN NEW TRICKS.

Email for details. abbylbrody@gmail.com

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