This is your warning call

If you are over 40 and a woman with children, you are very likely on the brink of extinction. Of being obsolete. Or at least looking like your parents trying to work their phones.

Consider this your warning call. Time to get with it.

For many of my friends this new “sensation” Chat GPT sounds like another trend, another app, another website, another thing you don’t have time for. You don’t quite understand it, but you do know enough to be concerned about it. How will this affect your children? And will bring it up in conversation with others, that will nod in agreement, “yes so scary,” and like you continue to order another cocktail.

You will dismiss it. You will play old dog. No new tricks for this dog. She’s done enough tricks. Heck consider me a circus dog. I’ve been through enough! Thank you pandemic. Thank you new world that I don’t quite understand. So no thank you. I have no desire for new technologies, I’m fine as I am.

This ignorance is bliss plan, is not a luxury you have.

This is your warning call.

This is a life changing technology and it’s happening fast. So fast that even your tech friend over here is lost in its multiple iterations. But if you don’t learn… we will all become obsolete and more reliant on others.

And this is cool stuff (and yes…scary). This technology is remarkable and beautiful. You will gain productivity and unlock creativity in a way like you’ve never experienced. But you need to learn or the world will move forward without you. The skills required in your executive level jobs will change too.

You will become obsolete.

Many of you are going to see that sentence above as dramatic, which you know I can be. You will wave your hand in the air with an air of dismissal that only one with wisdom/ years/ power feel entitled to give. And you do it because you earned it. Years of experience. Years of work. Years of prestige. Heck, your smart.

Until you weren’t. 

2023 will be forever in the books as a turning point in humanity. That the concept of “smart,” “efficient” and “creative” has changed. Man has access to artificial intelligence. Mankind has been augmented. We’ve changed the game of what it means to be human.

Humanity is now augmented with AI…

Let me be clear…as I know my reader base, the release of open AI platforms is the biggest invention in our lifetimes (so far!). 

It is time to go back to school.
But this school has no textbooks. No wrong answers.

The real way to learn is by doing. Go play.


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