Some “light” research

I’m doing a lot of reading, listening and thinking on the properties of light. 

The power of it.

As, light can give life, and light can take life.

It can be nourishing photons to a plant, and also, a death ray burning anything in its path.

Light (energy) has two clear poles.  

From our visual eye we have sunbeam hitting a flower pedal to a laser cutting its way through metal.  

And with everything that I am learning in my own life observations and reinforced in science life is a spectrum between two poles. From our planet to our energy, all flows between poles.

TRUTH (EMIT): Everything in life is a spectrum. Literally everything. 

Colors, people, disorders, molecules are different combinations of light – specs of the spectrum.

Quick reminder for those what “light” is or how at least I’m defining it here.

Let’s focus on first sentence in this infographic as often when we see “big science words” and just glance over them.  

LIGHT is a form of electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength. Light is a specific wavelength of electromagnetic energy. 

And you guessed it, a spectrum of electromagnetic energy.

I feel very familiar with the right side. Mankind can give itself a good slap on the back for that one. We have mastered the laser. Even sharks with freaking lasers beams attached to their heads:) 

Yes, We have mastered destruction.

We are the scifi movies. We have freaking lasers and I’ve been the beneficiary of their magic. Jacob’s radiation is just that, a laser, an intense beam of strong and low divergent (low-divergent allows it to be incredibly accurate) light. Accurate enough to kill cells and not harm too much nearby.

But I’m focused on the spectrum. 

If light can kill? And give birth?…Can light heal?

That has been my last 6 momths of reading and research.

As us humans tend to discount anything we can’t see with our eyes. But science has proven that the majority of the light (which is energy) in the world cannot be seen by the human eye. See the chart below. The visible light section is the only a fraction of the energy surrounding us.

The light we tend to think about ( lightbulb/ sun) is only a small part of the light around us. We as humans can only see a fraction of light in the world. Let that one simmer…

EVERYTHING has a wavelength/ a field from people to a butterfly

Turns out those hippies weren’t tripping. Auras are real.

I don’t think they can tell you your future, but they can tell the amount of electromagnetic energy you produce off your body into the world. We can see into the atomic level of your body’s functioning. 

I find it interesting that our electromagnetic fields are not measured when we go to the doctor. We have had this ability for over 100 years, but really fine tuned it in the last 20. Instead they take our weight, height, blood, but the measurement of the energy field which is informed by the atomic level of your body’s functioning is not seem as important information. This boogles my mind as each cell in the body has a unique frequency including cancer cells. 

As usual, I’m finding in my ongoing cancer research that the simple and easy things are not where the money is and therefore are dropped. Drugs make money. Preventative care does not.

But that’s where I’m spending my time and energy, with the light.

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