Dr. Burr

Dear Dr. Burr,

Writing you felt a bit selfish. Let the dead lay in peace, right?

But, upon further contemplation… I think you would want to be in the loop. A man of science would always want to know the future of scientific discoveries especially his own.

And I have tea to spill. Get ready to roll in that grave.

But first some flattery as it would be rude to wake the dead without some acknowledgement of your time on earth, And you make that easy. You are a true man of science having co-authored 92 scientific papers at Yale in nanotechnology and bioelectric dynamics. That is quite an accomplishment and I believe your writing is some of the best I’ve ever read.


I don’t want to mislead you with my flattery.  You may (rightfully) summarize from these words that you are a big deal in this future world. That your contributions saved lives and transformed society.  That you are a household name! 

 Sadly, that is anything but the case.  Turns out in the 2000’s your notability is based on your ass size. I would include a photo of one such notable person as I’m assuming  a man of science likes evidence, but that feels vulgar, so please take my word on it. Fake boobs, big butts, and fake nails that struggle to hold a fork, nonetheless a beaker, are the names floating around in households all across America. 

However, butts aside, I think you would see today’s world as inspiring, but painfully infuriating. We could have a drink over that as I feel the exact same way and I just recently learned what you understand 90 years ago.

Your understanding of the body and how to communicate with it, has not gone far in the last 100 years! Your book from 1932, Blueprint for Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life found universal truths, feels like it could have been written today.

The first three paragraphs of your book written in the 1920’s, 100 years ago, are just as pertinent today. 

We live in troubled and difficult times. There are wars and dangers of war. In many parts of the world there are revolts, protests, crime and lawlessness in clealess eruption. And over this age hangs the swords of Damocles of possible nuclear destruction…Many are tempted to believe that man is an accident, left to grapple with his lonely fate on an insignification planet in a hardsh and lawless universe.

In a materialistic, scientific age many find it hard to accept those religious beliefs that sustained our forefathers in times which-to them-seemed as troubled and perilous as the present. They would like to believe that man is no accident that the Universe in which he lives is one of law, order and purpose. But, dazzled by the methods and triumphs of science, they are unwilling to take anything on trust; they demand some ‘scientific’ proof or evidence.

Until some forty years ago (1880’s) this demand could not be met because the necessary electronic instruments and techniques had not been developed. When these became available, an entirely new approach to the nature of man and his place in the Universe became posible. For these instruments revealed that man-and, in fact, all forms- are ordered and controlled by electro-dynamic fields which can be measured and mapped with precision.

You of course spoke confidently that this tool will change health care, agriculture, and really every field in the world as all matter emits light/ fields.

You measured every living thing, including humans, and found all had electromagnetic fields and observed that all those fields interact with other fields. 

You even discovered that mental states (example: grief) has charge to it and can be measured through the body. Proving with science that emotions do affect the physical body as it literally changed the electric charge, the movement and functioning of electrions. 

Reminder electrons and protons form molecules. And when stressed our body creates free radicals. Free radicals are exactly what the name implies. Free fucking radicals. They do whatever the fuck they please in your blood stream. They sing Tom Petty all the time.

Think of that drunk girl on the dance floor bumping her ass into everything. Spilling her cocktail and desperately trying to engage you. That’s the free radical. Causing raucous, which includes inflammation and disease. 

But back to you Dr. Burr. 

You found the greatest diagnostic and healing tool in the world. Now we can see at the atomic level the functioning of the human body.

“Malignancy in the ovary has been revealed by L-field measurements before any clinical sign could be observed. Such measurements, therefore, could help doctors to detect cancer early, when there is a better chance of treating it successfully.”

You called the readings of electromagnetic fields “L-fields” the “L” standing for life. You spoke with complete confidence that “L-fields” will be used in every practice of medicine as why wouldn’t?

On page 15 you note… “In the case of L fields there is no technical reason why their use by doctors should take long.” Also noting “any intelligent man or woman can learn the techniques of taking and interpreting L-field readings in a short period of intensive instruction.”

So talent, time, nor money were the issue. But YET here we are 100+ years later and this diagnostic tool is still not commonplace. 

No instead we focus on how we can use electromagnetic fields to kill. We have radiation, we have nuclear bombs, but yet we do not use nor think of electromagnetic fields as something to heal.

But that’s changing.

And it’s happening fast and know Dr. Burr I’m doing everything I can.

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