June petition

I have one vote, but I think I have to throw in the towel. 

I  know an uphill battle when I see one. While I’m no hiker, I do know a thing or two about hills and mountains and this is one may be insurmountable. 

But the fact that I started such a petition speaks to the sincerity in my new proactive goal. I need to make sure I don’t do “June” again. And its easy come July to forget June even exists.  It’s so easy to forget the bad.  Nothing but negativity in the rearview mirror so why look back at all?  And for the past two years, I’ve done just that. I’ve RUN into July with vengence.

But I’m not allowing myself to do that this time. I have strategies in the works, even a petition.

What is the petition you ask that I’ve gotten one signature on? To end the month of June of course. I had a clever idea of elongating each month and swallowing June all together. 11 months. It oddly, has some nice implications for school schedules that I think may increase learning outcomes too. Interested? Let me know! You can be signature number two.

The one signature you ask? Steve? Nope. Not even Steve would go along with this plan even with so much to personally gain. He was pretty adamant that our first child’s birthday, which is sadly in June, is important. I, of course, was primed for that concern, ready with a solution. What child would not want to celebrate their birthday earlier? Win win. Steve didn’t buy it.

But I really am throwing in the towel as I’ve just learned that my entire “down with June” campaign is flawed.  Turns out our bodies keep time even without cues from the mind/ observable environment.

What? I know. But its legit.

Studies where people live in dark caves with no sense of seasons nor days, end up sleeping and being awake in cadence with the rise and fall of the sun. Crazy huh? Normally I would say. That is amazing and have some deep thing to say, but nope. This only sucks. Even if I were to pass this petition and June disapeared…this body will know.

Okay…so killing June is not a workable solution. As usual, it’s not that easy. I’ve got work to do.

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