I played the lottery.


I’m two for two so far. 

Bought two tickets and won on both.

Now I didn’t win millions, but I did turn $2 into $50. And Only proved…that the 1% life has it’s perks. The odds…are my friend and worst enemy. And when you live on the edges you get to see it all. You see the curvature of the earth and you understand that we are connected. And at times that sight justifies the fall.

I’m ready to put this episode behind me ( knock on wood ). I’m feeling much better. Still have some residual pain, but if its not so much that I can’t SHAKE OFF (like literally- shake, I’m serious PTSD women, shake it off! I have a new shake off song. It’s called Shake it Out (I’m not kidding) and its by Florence + The Machine. Its pretty awesome. Chorus- shake! It works. And thanks nightwing who sends back their weird things. I’ve picked up some tricks.

So how did it end?  I need to record what worked. 

Well time unfortuantely does play a role. No magic pill, but it seems that hanging with REMARKABLE HUMANS helps. I needed a dose of people that would remind me that anything is possible. 

I got to have dinner the other night with four remarkable people who reminded me that there are a lot of people out there doing good. 

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