1% perks

Cognitive reframing. I have not finished my homework. Not out of lack of trying, just really hard to reframe reproduction rights or the systems that continue to oppress.

But I’m not giving up, because when you live a 1% life, you get to do the 1% highs too, but only if you can feel them, which at the moment has not been happening. 

A 1% life means the odds of rare incredible things are also high

I have not won the traditional sense of the lottery, but yet I have won some lotteries of life. And winning the lottery is not out of the realm of possibilites. This has not happened (yet). Wouldn’t put it past me. However, it would require actually playing the lottery. Maybe that is my next step.

(Note: Research lotteries)

But a quick reminder of some of the 1% of things that I can name off the top of my head. Setting a 1 min timer:

  • I have been to 53 countries and often with no itinerary, but just to be there. I have stories worth telling.
  • One story worth telling: When I was 19 years old traveling I gave a child a beachball painted as a globe in a slum in South Africa. This young boys and others sat with me where I showed them for the first time the globe. Watching them in wonder of the larger world and all the ocean is a memory I will never forget. BUT-Only to be back in South Africa when I was 28 to meet the father of this boy (by complete accident!) in his makeshift home of recycled metal with my beachball up there in center of the room as a chandelier. The odds of that?!
  • My husband and son survived aggressive stage 4 rare cancers. They shouldn’t not be here, but yet they are.
  • Children (and now adults) remember me. To this day I have a yearly moment where someone yells “Ms. Brody” or “Ms. Levin” and they can tell me in some way how I impacted their life.
  • I know true friendship and sisterhood. Like real friendship.
  • I live at sea for a good portion of the year. Seriously I do, on a boat. I wake up every morning to the ocean. It’s the best and what a unique life! Steve is the captain. I’m first mate.
  • I have had quite a career and one with impact on people’s lives
  • I also have helped the thinking and systems at large that educate our youth
  • I started and run my own business
  • I am a voice and activist in cancer and mental health. Often speaking for the speechless. AND being really close to curing neuroblastoma.
  • I am a mother of two boys
  • I married superman. Yes. He is real. The movies just got the costume wrong, it’s black, all black.

The 1% can be good can be remarkable. 

(Note: This is NOT cognitive reframing at all. Still homework is overdue. Figuring out how to reframe the other side of the 1% is the challenge. Supreme Court isn’t helping much.)

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  1. We love you and we keep you and your family always in our prayers . You are a superwoman too. We honor your struggle and your challenges and we thank you for sharing because we learn so much from you.
    Sending love and hugs
    Seryl and Buddy

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