New game plan

Pleasantly surprised instead of horrifically sad

That’s my new approach. 

I may even get it embossed on a hat as this is not my natural state. I have always been an optimist. Maybe because I always worked with children, I had this perspective that things look brighter. That even if the world of adults suck, these students of mine will fix it all. 

Thinking the worst and being surprised by the best is a new thing and I’m still practicing. “Well that’s a negative outlook” Steve replied when asking my opinion the other night. That’s right. Your welcome.

I have a new plan in life.

I’m going to be pleasantly surprised instead of horrifically wrong/sad. I’m going to assume that “knowns” are even not “known”

I will live my life in perpetual bliss.

“Oh my, look the sun came up today!” says Abby pleasantly surprised

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