Elyse Myers

I found a unicorn. A giver of light. Thank you tiktok algorithm. 

I found an empath sister, Elyse Meyers.

Dear Elyse,

I have such respect for you. I am new to this anxiety disorder world. I did not grow up anxious. If anything the opposite. The first one to jump. The first one to travel the world without an itinerary. The first one to say “yes.” So this feeling is very new. 

I recognize that you have grown up like this. I really can’t imagine, but the fact that you have used your stories to help others laugh and know they aren’t alone, I thank you. And now that I’ve watched basically every video you have ever made, I am in such of awe of you.

You make me laugh. You are an amazing comedian.

You make me feel not alone. You are a natural storyteller.

Just like I try to do on this blog, but you are so much braver. I hide behind paper, you let the world see your face. 

Just sharing your name for my followers who may be looking for more people like this who share their stories to understand their own. 

Follow her on TikTok (if you aren’t already) . Trust me on this one.


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  1. Abby! YOU are SO BRAVE! The fact that you put your intimate thoughts, feelings, fears, etc out into the world is just SO courageous! Elyse is also amazing, but you are similarly Amazing for all the right reasons! xoxoxoxoxo

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