Morning Missies

The “morning missies” 


Morning missies: (n) a description of an ailment in the body that does not develop, but one wakes up with. Symptoms include feelings of dread, tightness in the legs and chest, and sadness, such sadness.

Etymology: Modern English, entered the vernacular in June 2021.

Use in a sentence: Abby has the morning missies.

Log: The first day of Morning Missies, June 19th. 

Morning Missies were present in both other cycles, but only was given an official name in cycle two. I have no recollection as to when they started last cycles as I didn’t write about it. I also have zero trust in my memory about it.

Up until now, I’ve been sad in the morning. But the sadness started lighter, and if anything it only got worse over the day. However, they are back, but if I remember these burn off slowly, only getting better at night. So maybe a good sign. 

Note: Don’t try to calculate average duration ( average time length of a cycle) as each cycle “starts” at a way different part of the cycle. Meaning, it takes a bit before I knew what was happening/ and accurately document it. The first time I had no fucking clue what was happening. Jacob was out of living in the hospital, it was June 2020. I mean there was June 9th, and we were navigating a world with Covid and a child just in remission, BUT I was not living in the hospital nor having to deal with hammers falling from the sky. Nope. Not dealing with any of that. 

Things were good. Steve and I felt like this was going to be our summer. We had arrived, a year late, but we were there, Montauk and we had plans to sail. Nantucket of course was on the list! Steve was just in heaven. Here we all are living at sea with the best sunset views in the world. Look what we did. We are all living together on the boat in Montauk masks and all.

But I remember looking at Montauk and how beautiful it is and being so sad, and that was so strange. I was surrounded by everyone I loved and I was sad. Something like this had never happened prior to that day. Being sad for no reason and in physical pain. 

However, this time, cycle 3, I was freaking on it. Proactive. I knew exactly the feeling and jumped into action. I knew what it was. I Could name it. Had that going for me. 

Summary: Hate the morning missies. But maybe good? Maybe I’m near the end?

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