We have all been so challenged as parents these last years. Having to explain things that we never thought we would have. We explained to our children the need to wear masks, we explained why they can’t see grandma. We did unthinkable things, but that is what we do. We protect our children.

And now parents in Ukraine have another impossible task to explain to their children. They need to explain why they now sleep in bunkers, halls, and their fathers may not return home. Why they are at war. And why its not stopping.

And then within that horror, there lives another set of parents, cancer moms and dads.

The cancer parents who already lacked words to explain to their child that there is an enemy living inside their body trying to kill them, now have to do this in basements of hospitals that are losing electricity and lack the critical drugs these children need to fight.

How does a mom of 3 children with one in treatment for cancer and a husband on the front lines survive?

I only know one answer: With community coming together to save her. 

Let’s do this Nightwing!

This is where we BAND TOGETHER.

We are getting these children out. HELP US!

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