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Just received this and want to read it over and over. All of the 24 hr days. All of the drama. All of the days I ask myself- why am I doing this? Why am I working so hard.

This is why.

This is it.

I do it for them and for you moms.

A note from a MYX parent. I record to read over and over again. MYX we are giving a gift that is beyond beautiful.

Wow!  Thank you for hosting the call tonight.

Peter is our 2nd of 3 boys  He’s our thoughtful, fiercely independent, fun loving middle son who is the life of every event.  As much as he’s tried, traditional schooling has never been the right fit for Pete.  It was clear early during his freshman year, Peter needed to follow his own path. He’s hungry for knowledge, he’s hard working, he’s probably one of the most compassionate people you’ll meet and a traditional 4 year degree was not on his path. 

We know that people are motivated to learn differently and I’ve known a traditional college was not the best fit for Peter. Initially, I struggled with the realization that Pete would tackle life without a degree.   More then that, I hated that he wouldn’t have the college experience – a time to grow up with the safety net of your parents still in place. 

Then came The MYX.  I’ve  trusted his latest find was as good as he claimed.  A school that looks at our children’s personal growth, focuses on mental health, teaches life skills and provides access to top notch education…it seemed to good to be true.  But after hearing your team tonight, following the multiple questions Peter has peppered your group with, it seems you’ve finally developed the secret sauce.  What an exciting way to approach education! More importantly, you have my son excited about learning, about this new adventure and about continuing his path to become a happy, self sufficient, productive adult.   

So I thank you. Thank you for creating this exciting opportunity for my son. Thank you for being brave enough to challenge the historical.  Thank you for developing our young people holistically. Thank you for encouraging Jackson to participate.

I’m excited about what’s ahead for my son. If I can ever be of any support please feel free to reach out. I’m confident you’ll learn quickly what an amazing young man Jackson is.  I thank you in advance for helping to shape his future.

In sincere appreciation,

My best,

Peter’s mom

Thanks Peter’s mom. I needed that. Thank you for reminding me that my work is important and that every challenge along the way is worth this. Worth giving your son the education he deserves.

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