Till Forever Falls apart

Dear Steve, 

On this 11th anniversary that again we let pass, not because we don’t have something to celebrate, but everyday we are lucky or unlucky  to have had a need to acknowledge our commitment to each other. Everyday we have a real action/artifact to know that we are till forever falls apart. As each and every morning…

you’ve got me and you know

That I’ve got you I know

We have been through a lot of “rare” and “odd defying” things in the directions of both extremes. We lived in horror and trauma for months at the time, and we also scouted across the world with no agenda but what was right ahead of us leading to adventure that only others dream of. There has not been a day that we have not lived and  not been there for one another. We truly exist as one, because we both know 

you’ve got me and you know

That I’ve got you I know

Often people say there are  “no words. ” No stanza, no phrase in the world that would suffice to showcase their love.

That’s BS

One thing I’ve learned is that the human experience is more similar than different. That even when “rare” things happen, you find other “rare” individuals with these stories. That even oceans away there are humans experiencing what feels completely unique to you. That love while unique is a shared human experience. A beautiful one. One that we should try to share more, as often we only see the pain.

Therefore, I do believe there are words out there that can express what I’m failing to. And you know how finding words to describe the inexplicable is my favorite thing to find.

AND you know that my favorite medium of expression is dance.

When I found this…I cried and cried of such happy tears.

STEVE- Please watch. YES talking to you ADD boy who claims multi tasking is a real thing -when we know science has proven otherwise…we will continue that debate later.

This is my dance for you.


I feel like a couple so crazy happy stranded in the middle of no where, but dances away. Even in the hospital on dark days, this dance sums up how I feel when you walked into the room. When you and I conquered together.


Because you’ve got me and you know That I’ve got you I know

I swear that I’ll be yours forever

Til forever falls apart

Me, Ashe & Finneas

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