Dear Lady Gaga,

You are one kick ass strong woman. I really appreciate you. I really do. 

I am no you, but we do share something in common. We share the same words. 

I am using your words often. Just for me. Just to validate and explain some things that I couldn’t before. 

I thank you. And I couldn’t have asked for a better person to supply them as your words often come in the form of lyrics. I like lyrics, they come with a beat to march to. I am so lucky to able to use your words to help explain the inexplicable to myself and others.

I was looking for these words. At times I thought I had them, but didn’t. It has been a source of frustration and more sadness to not be able to describe it, because then I can’t read it. I can’t understand it without reading it. I need it in words. 

So when you feel something inexplicable, that’s a tough spot. Really tough to communicate. To be able to talk to someone about it without sounding crazy. And just talking about it can be weird as you have so much to be THANKFUL FOR!

There were some words that really resonated and allowed me to breath a bit deeper. Like the guilt about even complaining. How can you complain with all of your fortune that you feel captive in your body? I have such guilt about this. How can I complain? I am one of the lucky ones, my child and husband came home from the hospital. 

And how it doesn’t get better. I did just like you said. I gave myself a “week.” I gave myself a week off from work to get better and when it didn’t, I was so upset and got worse. 

You were so brave to do what you have done. No one put a gun to your head and said you need to talk to the world about these things.  I also applaud Oprah and Prince Harry as well. To speak openly about mental health is hard. And I know the backlash. When I spoke openly about Jacob’s cancer my friends patted me on the back, but the time I spoke about Benno’s anxiety disorder, I was immediately the cause of concern that I was hurting Benno. 

You did not need to go on that show and I don’t need to publish. 

But you went on that show (whether you know it or not) to help someone like me. It truly has helped. I have listened to your words several times now. They help me. 

And maybe I do that too. 

Not maybe. Definitely. 

No lady am I, but to give someone the hope you gave me- would be the best gift I could give. 

And sharing helps us heals. That was a theme from the entire episode. And when I look back at my own breadcrumbs, it’s true! I see that helping helps. 

So lady, Thank you.

For those looking to watch: Apple TV: “The me you can’t see”

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