A year comes and goes


Boggles me. I understand it in theory, but it doesn’t feel as it is described. I recognize it is measurable, but yet I experience it in intervals that don’t seem to have seconds, minutes, nor hours. 

And it bends. Bends to its own whim.

At times it is a standstill. When days go so slowly, you feel captive to its ticks and tocks, but yet you turn your attention away for a second and it flies. 

Crazy I tell ya

And I turned my head for only a second, I swear, but WHOOSH!

A whole year, came and went.

Thanksgiving day a year ago

Thanksgiving 2020

At every turn Nightwing, we celebrate your friendship. You had a place at our Thanksgiving table.

And soon we will celebrate another year milestone. Another big one. Jacob turns 7 on the 3rd of December. 

And a year ago this day, time was still. 

He spent the day in the hospital. He refused to acknowledge his birthday and it passed (slowly) like all those days did. At the time I wondered if it would ever become December 4th, but here we are a YEAR later. 

Jacob’s birthday is soon.

And he is very aware.

“Will I be in the hospital this year?” he asks, which I quickly reply NO and try to distract because I know what is going to be asked next. 

“Am I going to have a party? Are all my friends coming?”


We are in lockdown over here. We are not going to celebrate Jacob’s birthday. 

But the questions don’t stop as in the hospital as I promised a LARGE party with loads of friends. There I was again making promises, promises. Silly me. I should have known there would be a pandemic! And somehow he now is under the impression that he is getting a surprise party. 


So please, help me!

Please help me give Jacob a distant surprise party!

All you need to do is hide in your own house and yell surprise and wish Jacob a happy birthday. That’s it.

And I bet time flies as he watches it, but the good news is we can watch it over and over and make this moment stand still like the others. Make the good last as long as the bad.

Link below to join the effort!


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