Shedding flair

We are losing some flair today. 

Today is a milestone. Today we lose some flair. Shedding flair is something we all should do sometime. Out with the old and in with the new. 

Jacob is getting his port out his ultimate cancer flair, his port. No longer will Jacob have an internal device inside his body to allow easy access for injections. This need is no longer. He will still wear his hearing aids which like a tattoo will bind him to this era, but we shed some of it as cancer is feeling more and more past tense.

And this big milestone was topped with a cherry as Jacob also got his scans back and they are NED!

And I sit in the room of waiting and I write this to read it:

This too shall pass.

Whatever the world is going through which feels so crazy, so upsetting, the worst thing ever. You question if the sun will rise. It too will pass.

Just like it did in the room of waiting. Even when the clock seems to stand still. Time still marches and passes. And a year later as I sit here I finally understand this truth.

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  1. Always keeping y’all close in thought and prayer! I’m very thankful for this news!!! All the best to you and your family, Abby! 🥰

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