Shana Tova!

Can it really be real? 

How can one year be so different? How can the world change so drastically in 365 days? 

But it is very real.

And while I’m sure there is a lot to complain about, this year has been quite a ride, there is a lot to celebrate too. A lot of good in this world. 

And here is one to celebrate!

A year ago today, Jacob was recovering from surgery. A year ago today he could not speak due to tubes down his throat. But today he has one thing to say…


Thank you Nightwing.

How blessed we are to have each other. 

Let this year be full of love light and SOL (student of life). As one thing I’ve learned we are all still growing, adults no exception! Let this year be of life lessons that bring us peace.

I look forward to this year with you Nightwing. Let’s not only be there in the bad times for each other, but to also remind and celebrate the good:)

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  1. Way to kick off a great new year!.
    Wishing all of you and all those that you love a very happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, and safe New Year.
    May the new year bring you tranquility, success, and fulfillment and as my father z’l always said “Birkat Hagefen” – gezunt, parnassa, and nachas fune kinder.
    May it be a sweet one and may you and yours be blessed
    Shana Tovah uMetukah
    Gmar Chatimah Tovah
    A gut gezunte gebenchte yohr
    Much love;
    Seryl & Buddy

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