The fall of the institution in the era of the impact generations

The collapse of the institution, the rise of the individual.

The workplace has slowly been morphing to meet the 21st century economy, an economy of AI and tech that forces us to reimagine the how and needs of what we call “work.”

We see it everywhere. The disruption of the real estate business model with office sharing or an office in the cloud that fits into your living room. We see the increasing quality of video conferencing that challenges the need for any in person business. And then there is the culture shift as machines take over labor sectors and the milleniail and gen Z generations want “more” and that “more” is defined quality over quantity.

Millennials and Gen Z are less interested in working for the established corporations, but want the rush and empowerment of start-ups and mission driven companies. They look for this new concept they named “fit.” A job that “fits” them. They lead with their individualism rather than the established collective that many of us led with.

“I” can add value here because “I” am good at “X.” Contrary to previous generations,  “I” can help you and do whatever task you say “we” should do.  Stability and 401Ks are last on the list. Impact, mission and individualism first.

Here are some of the answers when I asked young college kids what type of workplace they wanted to work for after college:

“I want something with flexibility that allows me to be outside.”

“I want to work on a product that helps the world in some way.”

“I want to be able to work distantly.”

“I want a place where I can be creative and can make impact and values me.”

Never once did I hear about wanting to work for an “established company with great dental!” And never did I hear anything like “I want to make a solid 80K.” 

Thus we see the rise of what I’m calling the impact generations. I don’t necessarily disagree with their rally crys. They are a product of being digital natives and have grown up in a world us adults are just visiting/ understanding. They grew up with technology as part of their themselves, an extension of their arm if you will. That extension can do amazing things, like feed them without cooking or get them the latest data without leaving thier beds.

They know no other way of life allowing them to think bigger and question what makes them human. They are focused on the “I”- who am I? How am I unique? Where do I “fit” in?

The workplace is a changing…as our workforce is too.

And this workforce is making us challenge “knowns” and educaiton is no different.  

Educators around the world are rethinking the concept of what makes something a school. Is it the institution or the individual?  Is it the physical building with rows of classrooms, or is it the teachers within it? Is it a place where teachers come in and do their job or is it a place where the individual teacher connects with individual students all unique in their own way?

Our younger teachers are questioning the collective of the institution of schools that leave little flexibility and individual voice. The institution of school does not allow teachers to feel like individuals, but rather a cog in the machine that is state run. The government being the biggest institution of all institutions in their minds. They are questioning the parameters that we have operated under for decades. This one fits all model where teachers specialize in a grade and subject and watch their kids rotate out of their boxes of classrooms.

Schools also offer little flexibility. You don’t get to take lunch off. You can’t run out and vote during the day. You can’t even pee when you need to go! And thus, it has become a not desirable vocation. We are not producing enough teachers. 

 We need teachers. We need more than ever teachers of the impact generations! 

We need to create desirable teaching pathways for teachers and emphasize the individual among the collective. I do believe microschooling is a place where this generation can shine. Please encourage our youth to come make IMPACT. Education is the greatest impact anyone can give and now there are ways you can do that and have your individualism too!

Sign up HERE teachers.

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