Flags everywhere

They are everywhere. 

Flags everywhere. 

Right in our backyard. First sight of the day. In our happy place where only sights of sunsets, fishing rods, and bobbing sailboats were before,  now have waving statements of division.

TRUMP 2020

And you can feel it in the air.

It is as if someone drew a line in the sand. Our community which was just fisherman and sailors has a new aura in the air. Most of us are unanimous,  boating shouldn’t be political. There should be a no flag policy. But how can you ignore something right in your face in your backyard?

We know that freedom of speech is a basic human right, but what happens now? 

Are we supposed to put up a flag? Is this how it works? Do we show our support of decency and morality? Do we have to start waving flags? 

I do have one at home in NYC. It recently needed an addition:)

But of course, we would never put this flag up beyond our living room. Because what does that do? What would that do, beyond create animosity? Making the air contentious. 

But the real reason is we are scared… scared of the other side. The Trump boats don’t wear masks. They party all day and night with huge crowds as if to make a point as they walk down our dock. Mocking our masks. Mocking what I call our patriotism. 

AND there is a new Trump flag that is becoming more and more popular along our shores. This flag takes the Trump logo (which is red white and blue) and takes out the blue. Only red and white. The message is clear, this is no blue in OUR country.

And I have chills. It is a message of division and not one of uniting. And they wear it so proudly. And us and our friends, the other side (just sit) too scared to say anything or even fly a flag and we are sure we outnumber them. 

We are backed into a corner, but there are other ways to fight and save our country to be one of Red White and BLUE.



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