The date

The date did happen.

He made sure of that. He even threatened to take away my flowers if I did not show up on time and like his father he aimed to impress. 

As we walked up to our spot, Jacob turned to me and said, “We’ve got the best seat in the house.” Where he learns these one liners is anyone’s guest, but best bet is TV.

And yes we did. The best seat in the house. My view, in particular, was pretty incredible.

He inquired what people on dates talk about. I told them about the weather, about what they did today, and sometimes they give compliments. Oh and snuggling! Lots of that. To which he responded “Perfect! I’m an expert snuggler!”

But, then, out of nowhere another man entered the picture. He tried to crash our date. 

Jacob was having none of that and escorted him from the table. This was a table for two…ahem. Luckily it didn’t have to get physical, however the man left annoyed. It was clear this man does not stand often.

We laughed about that for a while. How Jacob had to defend his lady.

And we wined and dined until he saw kids playing in a field and wanted in on that. POOF gone. Typical. Men. So flighty they are.

The world has special plans for this man though. That it does. The road was a strange one. His path was not even one of the two forks in the road, but a hidden one, a third fork. Watch out ladies this one is a heart breaker!

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