y + (c – z)^t = No one knows!

Educators are working nights and days on equations. 

While, some of us teach math, never have such equations come across our work tables. And to add insult to injury, as we study this lengthy equation, the numbers keep changing. Not even the quadratic equation can save us.  But like the diligence we instill in our students, we keep plugging and chugging. 

Plugging and Chugging. Plugging and chugging away.

As people depend on us. Without our solution many can’t work and all are affected. Many families don’t just need school to teach their children, but also to them to  FEED them. Many parents don’t just need childcare, but a safe place for their child to find refuge during the day and getting socialization he so needs. Schools are more than a place of learning, but also a home away form home. 

But when do the math teachers start speaking up? 

When do we realize that the equation is not balanced and is unsolvable? Too many unknown variables. And to pretend we have an estimate is breaking the trust that families have in schools, supposively there to serve and keep your children safe. And instead of bringing answers, we are bringing more confusion to our faculty and parents alike.

Teachers are walking into the school year unsure of where and what they will even be teaching. Not only is the anxiety about health high, but teachers are feeling unprepared. Teachers that once taught library are teaching science. Teachers that taught music are now teaching math in attempt to solve the smaller class sizes, which requires more teachers. But is this new in-person going to be better than distant? Are teachers easily and effectively repurposed? I question the quality all together. I question the integrity of these plans. 

So instead of trying to solve an unsolvable equation, let’s solve the real issue, CHILDCARE & ESSENTIAL SERVICES. Let’s as a country focus on that. Instead of driving everyone crazy!

Or let’s think outside the school box…I have some ideas!

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