The foundation

The cracks were always there, but some didn’t even know they existed. As why would one look down when walking? What is there to see there? The views are forward or upwards towards the sky. Spending time looking at the ground doesn’t seem a worthy pursuit and could be quite dangerous.

Heads up! Not down.

As you may see things you don’t want to see or worse you may learn that the foundation is breaking, a very inconvenient truth.

How do you fix the foundation with a house already standing upon it?

However, COVID made every person do just that. When all of our sudden our world looked like a snow globe, of chaos swirling, we all looked to steady ourselves. We fell to all fours just to make sure the ground was still there. But when we all looked down, some sighed with relief while others gasped in horror as they fell.

There was nothing there to break their fall.

Inequity in this country is not new, but just became more fatal as some of us found no foundation to fall onto while others had fields.

Inequity is the hallmark of the COVID experience. The haves and have nots. 

It is time to look down. It is time to fix the foundation. 

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