Last day of immunotherapy

Today was Jacob’s last infusion of immunotherapy. The last day of writhing  pain. The last day of fevers of 105 and late night hospital visits. The last. 

 I am smiling ear to ear through this mask. I honestly never thought this day would come. It always felt so out of reach. Chemo, surgery, more chemo, then immunotherapy. The clock was set for a year, we went over that, but here we are.

Here we are. 

Here we are. 

What’s next? 


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  1. Jacob’s followers are all taking a deep breath. We are overwhelmed by what you and your incredible family have gone through this last year.
    Your honesty, your dignity, your love was unmatchable by any other human I know..
    Love you Ms. B
    Nancy G

  2. You all made it and we’re crying and cheering and sending hugs and kisses and much love to you all!

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