Oh don’t you feel bad for me.

Don’t you for a SECOND feel bad for me.

I am totally fine. More than fine. I’m blessed.

This PTSD is something that I will take. PTSD has the word POST in it. While, Jacob is still in a fight (as there is no cure), we are past so much and look at him! He is doing SO GREAT. He can sing, dance, and fire nerf guns at once. A triple threat he is. 

And my brain and heart is fully aware how blessed I am. It’s just my body that needs work. Still trying to remember how to live without trauma.  And turns out the drugs for PTSD do work. Today I feel lighter. I will take it. I will take the challenge of looking back and healing. Looking BACK on trauma is better than living it. I will take POST. I will take PTSD. 

And today Steve and I set sail alone (without kids for first time since Jacob’s diagnosis!). 

There are some vines I need to see. I tend to like their grapes. And we have some celebrating to do. So cheers Martha’s Vineyard, we are coming for you. And we are singing the entire way there. NAH NAH NAH NAHH NAH.

Oh and I had to share this video. Totally random but came up on my feed the other day and it made me smile so thought maybe it would do the same for you. This is PRE Jacob. For some reason he was really into twerking at age 3. 

I plan on twerking my way through this PTSD and life in general moving forward. Booty in the air, shaking. Watch out.

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