It wasn’t me

But I get the accusation.

“Look now Jacob is just like every other kid! No school for them either!” “ Jacob will be as disadvantaged as other kids this fall.” “No summer camp envy now! None of our kids are going” “Other kids will also be behind in language so entering Avenues won’t be as difficult for Jacob.” 

And there is work too. “Abby, everyone is talking about gap years!” “People are questioning the value of their college experience.” 

Honestly, the list goes on.

However, when the newest shoe dropped, even Steve is now questioning me. 

“Abby, did you do all of this to get out of running the marathon?”

And while I’m not devastated by any means…(maybe an inside cheer happened…okay an outside one did), I am sad about the missing the opportunity to raise money for kids with cancer. 

But I swear I did not cause COVID. I am not behind it.

I promise. So instead of running 26 miles. I plan on doing some things 26x. 

I will drink 26 bottles of wine.

I will read 26 books.

I will smoke 26 different blends of weed.

I will be embracing training, just my way. The COVID way. But now I need to figure out a way to do that AND raise money for cancer as that is still needed. Welcoming any ideas! 

But just to set the record straight. NO I DID NOT START COVID to get out of the marathon, but I understand why those who know me could think that way;) 

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