365 days

Its a year today. 

Maybe its an anniversary for you too. Maybe Jacob was the first sign of the cracking of the world around us. It does seem (from this perspective) that all the chaos sped into warp speed since his diagnosis. It may have been the first child you knew to have cancer. Maybe it shook your core too. Maybe.

It is definitely an anniversary for me. It was the beginning of the “new normal.” The beginning of having your child diagnosed with an incurable disease that will haunt our every move for the rest of our lives, even in remission. 

But unlike the days leading up to it, I’m staying positive. I woke up to Jacob spooning me! His little arms draped over me and then we had breakfast together. And STEVE, he speaks again…this is a rare moment. 

And thank you Nightwing for being there every step of the way.

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  1. As I told Steve yesterday, all 4 of you are my heroes…. You all survived it in your own ways but each of you never gave up the fight. Thanks for humbling me, thanks for inspiring to run and involving my boys to run with me with a purpose. We won’t stop, we won’t stop running…. until no child dies from cancer. Love you guys…(even Steve, who drives me nuts most of the time…)

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