New knowns

So many future unknowns. It’s striking. A mathematical conundrum of possibilities. 

People, all living life in some sort of relative imbalance. Established “knowns” like “I live in New York,” now all of a sudden up for discussion.  While situations differ, one thing is universal, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Businesses that used to think in quarters are now forced to think in days. Parents used to think in “weekdays” and “weekends,” now think in hours as days have no real differential factor. Every day a Monday.

And while it is hard. It is also empowering. Empowering to rethink the “known.” 

When have we had the opportunity to rethink every “known?” When in our lifetimes has so much ambiguity and calls for new thinking?

Empowering to be part of a revolution. Every day a living breathing page in a future digital textbook, an entire chapter devoted to the pandemic of 2020. People will ask what it was like 20 years from now. This will be a shared era change. There will be before 2020 and after.

And what will the “after” be? Who will write that narrative? Will it be the government? Will it be the 1,000’s of marching feet? Will it be Jeff Bezos? Who?!

And what new “knows” will we write?

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