He’s my hero. I’m just trying to keep up with him.

I’m at the hospital. We just finished a ROUGH round of immunotherapy. It is crazy that there is no rhyme nor reason to his reactions. I never know how he will respond nor do the doctors.  Today was vomit and blood pressure dropping, which means he can’t receive the pain meds that he so desperately relies on. 

Today Jacob did one hour of immunotherapy with ZERO rescues. He had to breathe through the pain.  It was pretty remarkable. There wasn’t much sound. True pain is silent. It’s all in the eyes.

But he did it.

And today we are a step closer to the end. He only has to do this 5 more infusions in his protocol. That may sound like a lot, but he has already done 31. And he doesn’t protest. He walks right in, skipping even today. Trying to guess which bed he will get in the clinic. 

He is my hero.

He reminds me that if a six-year-old can do this, cancer mom should be able to do more too. 

And today I do more. 

Today Mind the Gap launches. I’m actually crying writing that sentence. For a while, I thought cancer stole this dream too. 

But no.

No you did not win cancer.

You did not take my family. You did not take our dreams. You did not. You not define our lives anymore. We walk and even sometimes run.

And today marks a day. A day to return to life in our new reality. It starts with launching this business that will help undue the chaos and pain for so many of our youth. Today we begin the work of rewriting education with our first step, filling the gaps between life and school. Today is that day.


Unlike my last startup at Avenues, when we had loads of funding with full-page ads in the New York Times, we, educators, do this alone. This is an educator run venture. Not wanting to compromise educational design, Mind the Gap is funding solely from educators trying to solve a problem. We are student-focused first. We exist to not create another school but to solve a systemic problem.

My fear is that students won’t find us that need us. So little choice and so much depression for Gen Z right now. We really want to make some impact. Please help spread the word. This is priced to get into many hands. We are trying to bring this opportunity to not just the privileged, which currently is the only group to have the gap advantage. I need your help reaching them!

 I would so appreciate it if you could amplify this opportunity to your network. 

Here are some ways:

TWEET- “Introducing LIFE READY, an online gap program that is about LIFE, not SCHOOL. www.mtgnow.org

POST: “Dear friends, I know so many of us are looking for solutions this fall, especially for our college-aged children. Passing along this opportunity, www.mtgnow.org

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  1. Definitely our hero and inspiration! May he and you all be blessed . Posting the info and link to social media. Happy to help!

  2. Posted on insta! Very exciting, congrats!

    Also I’m so sorry about Jacob. He did it today and got through. Damn this needs to end for him. He’s amazing, I can not wait to get to know him better. I hope tonight is ok and he starts to feel better. So much trauma.

    And you did it too. Oh Abby. Love you

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


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