Have an industrious young adult (college-aged) looking to make some cash and is impact-oriented? Looking for someone who can’t stand the uncertainty around them and looking to end the chaos. Please send my way. MTG is growing its Ambassador program.

Here is a letter from one of our ambassadors to his friends.

Dear XXXX,

What is going to happen in the fall is the conversation at every dinner table right now. My table is no exception. The questions are endless, however, the answers are limited.

“Will my campus open?” 

“Will I get to live in the dorms?” 

“Will it be safe?”

“Will there be campus life?”

“Will the professors show?”

“Will my freshman experience be robbed like my senior year?”

While some schools have announced their plans, they all involve an asterisk. The asterisk that these plans are subject to change.  Schools that are pushing forward with opening this fall have made it clear that campus life will be different.  It will be a “new open” that follows social distancing orders and state by state laws that also vary daily.  Colleges, just like us, have more questions than answers.

The uncertainty is causing not just frustration, but unprecedented stress and anxiety for us and our families.

All of us just want to KNOW. 

So here is what we DO KNOW.

Well, we do know that a gap experience is a real advantage. That over 10 Million students will defer this fall because they do not want to have a watered-down experience. It is the incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are deferring the most. They know something we don’t know.  They know its worth the wait.

So sharing an option of CERTAINTY. Pass this along. 


The LIFE READY Program is a 15-week semester, empowering an online learning community that was developed to provide a journey of self-discovery.  The program is meant to fill the gaps in traditional higher education by giving its participants skills to find success through dedicated experts.

When the world offers chaos, it is up to us to take the reigns. We can end this uncertainty by deciding to do something that is certain. Taking the time and investing in ourselves through a program that is about the personal journey and real-life success. 

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