To answer all of the questions I received. Below is information on LIFE READY by MTG.

We will ONLY accept 300 students for fall 2020. I would recommend applying ASAP as 10M students will be deferring this fall. Applications open June 8th.

MTG proudly presents LIFE READY

Informed by the data sciences, the Mind the Gap team believes deeply in the “gap” space. The research is clear. A “gap” is an advantage and the best-kept secret. Students who gap prior to or during their higher education have a clear advantage. 

Gap students are more likely to…

  • Outperform: gap students have higher GPA’s than their peers. They are also 60% more likely to take their academics more seriously.
  • Graduate: gap students are more likely to graduate (and on time!). They are less likely to transfer too. Students who gap 60% more likely to know what they want to study and stick with their majors. 
  • Be Happy: Gap year students report a higher sense of self-awareness and report feeling “more mature” than their peers allowing them to navigate anxiety and stress easier. 
  • Get a job: 75% of gap year students report that their gap year played a role in their first job placement.

Therefore, we created LIFE READY, a gap program like no other. Not a year “off,” but a step into the future. Our graduates leave having trust in their abilities because they have the skills and knowledge to tackle any problem. They are READY to enter the world.

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” —Mark Twain

LIFE READY is a semester online learning community. Our fellows are recent high school graduates (graduated in the last 5 years) who are looking to enrich their lives by investing in themselves. 

The LIFE READY program is a journey of self-discovery. It is also a clear advantage as LIFE READY fills the gaps in education by giving our fellows the skills to find success not just in school, but life. 

With an emphasis on the personal journey (MTG COACH), the importance of life skills (MTG LIFE HACKS), and the need for career exploration (MTG NEXT) before deciding next educational steps, our fellow leave confident, equipped, and READY to make their next move in the world.


LIFE READY fellows are assigned a life coach trained by the Co-Active Training Institute. MTG coaches meet fellows where they are to empower them to dream wildly with unwavering trust and resilience by facilitating a process of self-discovery and transformation because we believe in the personal journey. MTG life coaching curriculum covers five program domains – Health & Wellness, Inward Self, Outward Self, Learning, and Hard Skills. 

Coaches work with fellows one on one twice a week in addition to a weekly peer coaching session.


#adulting can be done. We will show fellows how to “adult” with easy hacks. MTG Life Hacks expose fellows to all the things that are never taught in education, but yet, are needed for success in day to day life. Learning with experts in the field, topics include home maintenance, health insurance, cooking, cybersecurity, and more. MTG Life Hacks give our fellows the tools for success in the real world.


Seventy-three percent of college graduates are not using their degrees (but yet are still paying for them). It is an unrealistic expectation for students to pick a major after a High School education. MTG Next is an opportunity to explore various vocational fields that include healthcare, public policy and law, entertainment, business, and more! Through project-based learning challenges, students will be solving real problems in the field and learning how these vocations suit their inherent strengths. 


At MTG we believe in community. Every fellow will be assigned a tribe (1 learning cohort of 10 peers) that is overseen by a Learning Facilitator.  The Learning Facilitators guide tribes through the design thinking process and collaborative work strategies. Together fellows will learn how to leverage each other’s strengths to creatively problem solve. Entrepreneurship is at the core of the tribe’s challenges.

Tribes will be diverse groups of fellows from your local time zone. Using video conferencing, fellows will speak to their tribe daily as they reflect, discuss, and execute ideas. In addition, tribes will have social e-gatherings like distant dinner parties with our Wednesday dinner and a movie. The MTG community is as rich as our fellows and clubs will play a role. We are excited to see what the cohort of fall 2020 proposes. 

Below are articles college aged students and their parents should be reading.


ALSO! We have launched our LIFE READY ambassador program. This is for college aged students who want to not just be part of the program, but want to help shape it. Some roles have compensation. If you know of a college aged student who wants to join our ambassador program please have them email at for more information.

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