Loud & Clear

Life is coming in loud and clear over here.

Right Jacob? 

We are on day two of our new superpower, hearing! Jacob has his new hearing aids and a new stuffed bear named “hearing bear” that also has hearing aids. They have become best buds. Jacob is very proud of his new flair! He picked out bright red ones with a fire flame decal. Oh baby! They are not subtle;)

So how did it go?

When they put them in, Jacob was quick to withdraw and say its too loud. No Jacob, life hasn’t gotten louder, you are just hearing life. Welcome back. We are happy to have you.

We are still adjusting and Jacob will need some time before his voice volume recalculates (as he was screaming to hear himself talk before). We are looking forward to a house that is a bit quieter. Amen.

And its true.

life is coming in louder.

It is like someone is screaming in my ear too.

And after this year I’ve learned to listen. When the Universe talks, you listen. Life can change on a dime and there are no coincidences so it is our job to figure out what it all means. Well…world I’m listening.

And right now is THE TIME in education. I spent the 2 last years screaming to people and investors about the cracking signs in higher education. That there would be a reckoning day. That it was just basic math. Supply demand. Look at the tuition curves. Look at wages curve. Name a market that has 90% margins and less than 50% success! I can…higher education!

But always I was told I was “too soon.” Or even once “too passionate.” And even those who understood the math, understood the realities and would nod with enthusiasm that things need to change, would still turn around and continue down the same old path. Regardless of the cost, the outcomes, trudging down the “path,” but no blame there, they had no choice (until NOW).

And that path we know well… We have millions of data points. Millions of young adults graduating who walk into the workforce burdened by student debt, lacking workplace skills (can’t get a job), and reporting high levels of anxiety and depression. 

But do you hear it? Or is it just in my head. The universe is speaking. It says enough. Every thesis that MTG was founded on is happening at an accelerated pace and we are READY. We are uniquely positioned. We have been READY for over a year.

It was ME that wasn’t ready. I had a child with cancer.

And now I don’t. I have a child is remission and my “normal” is an average person’s nightmare. I can give my child a shot and take a conference call. Cancer moms can do anything.

AND now look at the world. 10 million students are looking to gap this fall. Everything is falling into place at the right time. If someone told me those nights when I was sleeping in the hospital, that I would have this opportunity to help change the trajectory of education and help kids, I would have just cried at your ignorance. “No. I’m cancer mom.” I have no role but this.

But guess what? I’m Abby too. I’m an educator with a lot to give.

The signs are coming in LOUD & CLEAR.

It’s time to be LIFE READY. 

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  1. Wow! Exciting about the hearing aids. Wishing him luck getting adjusted and yes, you are ready!!! Xoxo

    Jamie Roy 917-576-5228


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