Working moms

The fallout of this pandemic is hard to grasp. All the industries from education, to manufacturing are struggling. And put economics aside, life is struggling.  The amount of domestic abuse, the amount of anxiety and depression,  the amount of children with no fall options, etc. 

So I hate to add on, but I am worried.  

I’m worried about us working moms. 

I don’t know about you…but I am seeing things . I see a future where women take a back seat in the workplace. It’s already happening. Or at least it is happening here, in my home.

While there is no doubt that this is THE moment in education. I am limited in my abilities. I can’t do what I would normally do. Creating programming for all these children without options is a heavy lift. One that I’m passionate about and able to do, but AHHHHH! I am so limited.  My workday has now become only three REAL hours after homeschooling my kids. And even in those three wee hours, I have yet to have a call where my children are not screaming my name or banging on the door. I have had to reschedule calls. I’ve even missed some.

And while I don’t know for a fact, I do rationally know that I’m not alone here. 

I bet the women are taking the brunt of the home responsibilities, even if they also work like their partners. Even if their work impacts loads of others. Even if they are needed.  They are not available to do the work.

Statistically speaking, the moms, most likely make less than their partner. I know that is VERY true for this mom. It only makes sense for the breadwinner (especially in times like these) to be prioritized. Sorry social worker mom. Sorry teacher mom. I know your job is more important than ever, but you are now working double.

And men seem so useless sometimes!  Telling my husband what to do with our kids is just more work for me.  How do you explain distant learning?! I don’t have the time to bring him up to speed. So what do I do? I just do it.

The reality-works has to give. 

I can see it…women slowly moving out of the workforce or being assigned fewer assignments due to their limited ability to execute. Slowly…pushing them down the corporate ladder.

I’m sure when Steve reads this he will shout in fury. I will help! I can do it. “That’s unfair Abby what you posted. Stop trying to make this a woman man thing.” (I can hear his voice as I write this). Trust me this conversation will happen tonight.

But…let’s be real. In the real world, this isn’t happening. It is a woman man thing. Sure, Steve, you could help more, but it’s more complicated than that. 

We women have more going on than just our schedules. We have these roles (real or not real that play in our heads). I know that I’m supposed to be this mom like all the ones I see on Instagram. I have this mental image of what mom is. And for some reason, I think my kids do too. I didn’t teach them this, but yet it exists. They always want ME. If they need help do they yell “DAD?” Nope. MOM. Every time mom.  Even in a dual working home, even when mommy for 7 years left for work before dad and came home hours later, I am still in this role that has been handed to me. I am still in charge of the kids and distant learning will fall on my shoulders.

And it is even MORE complicated than that my dear Steve. We also want that. As you men point out daily, we are hard to understand. I agree. I live in this body and can’t understand it. We want to be there for our children. We want to do right by them. But I also love my work and it’s important too. AHHHH! No winning.

So working moms…life just got a LOT more complicated. 

I guess its all relative. I thought it was hard before balancing it all. But five more balls have just been added to the juggling act. 

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