Snuggles all have cancer

The entire snuggle family has cancer. 

It started slowly. First it was just snuggle puppy last winter who declared in our pet shop game that he needed a home, but before I adopt him I should know he has cancer. But now it is a regular theme in our play. This Spring Jacob has introduced me to snuggle horse, snuggle hyena, and snuggle chicken. Each time I adopt one of these animals from the pet store he informs me that they have cancer. Snuggle Hyena shared yesterday that he has spent a year living in the hospital. “Getting so many surgeries! They kept cutting me open.”

When I inquired if Snuggle Hyena was sad. He said “yes, he missed a whole year of school with his friends.” And when I asked if he was mad that he had to go to the hospital, snuggle hyena said “No. If I didn’t go I would have died! Are you crazy?” (with a slap to his head!). 

There is was. It hung in the air, at least it did for me. Jacob was quick to keep on talking. Saying the “d” word with no effect whatsoever. Just factual. “I would have died.”

But I on the other hand, have not truly recovered.

And today was the topper. He asked in his zoom call with his class if he could share something. He told the class the following.

“I would have been in this class earlier, but I had to go to the hospital because I had constipation, but it turned out I had CANCER (he said this very loudly).” Then he lifted his shirt and showed two butterfly needles coming out of his chest. “See. This is my port.” He then went on to show the needles etc.

Jacob is talking about cancer and it seems he knows more than we thought he did. He knows all.

The new normal I tell ya.

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