Optimistic Realist

I’m married to a pessimistic realist. He’s pretty much the killjoy of any party. 

Excited that the growth curve is declining in New York? Oh, Steve will kill that. “It will be going up! The virus is mutating.” 

Love how kids are making masks? Steve’s got ya. “They are using improper materials. Who’s teaching these kids?! Are they trying to kill people?”

Excited about potential vaccines coming quickly? Steve: “I wouldn’t bet on that.”

Thinking that the world will end up in a better place? Cue Steve. “I would start hoarding ammunition.”

Oh he is so much fun! 

But don’t feel sorry for Steve. Oh no. He’s not depressed nor upset. He is prepared and ready. A true operator collecting data to move his next piece in the game. And honestly, we have spent a year playing this game, fighting for lives, this is just another battle in a long-drawn-out war.

I too am a realist. I like data. I like to read studies and all of a sudden my world is flooded with graphs. I understand that this is very real. That there will be a new normal. However, I would label myself as an optimistic realistic.

Even through all the shoes that have dropped this past year, there is one truth that I learn over and over. That humans are good or there are more good than bad. Look there is you. And when I forget I can look at my flair. 

And maybe the pain is for something beautiful? I sometimes think that this year will define our family and set it on a path for greatness.

What if the same was true of the pandemic. A huge wake up call to humanity to remember what it means to be human?

So I post this video to remember it. I post it as it does feel like the mantra of the optimistic realistic. 

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