Hunker games

Did its job:) I love that all of you have started such games with your own family. That is the ultimate goal! Creating community! I get giddy when I hear of your own Hunker Games.

Therefore, we are declaring the winners of our little hunker games and ending its reign as you continue to build community on your own. We just had a head start on you all. We are celebrating our 10th month. Yes…10th month.

So please give a round of applause to…

The Quarantine Quakers who took the gold.

Gold Medal clipart - Medal, Gold, Award, transparent clip art

And a special shout out to the Gold Standard which was a close second.

Also honorable mention to the:


The Goodwinners

The Lambertinis

They join the top five!

Thanks for letting our family join yours. I’m attaching a Hunker Game Slide link here for you to copy the fun with your family:) Feel free to use it.

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