The sun will always rise

When things were really dark this summer… When I was living in the hospital with Jacob and left alone at night to google searches of stats of Jacob’s diagnosis, I called a friend in desperation. “What if he doesn’t make it. What if this is just the beginning? You can’t tell me that Benno won’t get sick. Look Steve, then Jacob, what is next?!” I sobbed and sobbed.

Her response: “All I can tell you is that the sun will rise again tomorrow.”

And it did. 

It is truly crazy what a new day can bring. In just 24 hours your whole world can change. I think we ALL get that now.

Yesterday Jacob had a really rough round of immunotherapy. He required 4 rescues to get through it (which are narcotics to help with the pain). Post-hospital time was not much better. He was drugged and still in pain. His breathing was shallow.

But the sun did rise.

And it turns out that a new day can bring ANYTHING. Including all of this! 

  • SUNSHINE! Finally a beautiful day in NY.
  • NO pain! Jacob woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Ready to play.
  • The CHICKS are making eggs!! Our ladies are making breakfast:) YUM!

We want to be able to say our eggs are from FREE RANGE chickens so we let them run free for the first time.

And we were able to be together as a family. We found an old drone and played drone hide and seek. Steve got to save the day as usual!! This you have to see.

And Jacob got busy with some chalk

Does this look like a child who was infused with immunotherapy and could hardly walk yesterday?!!

The sun did rise. 

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