We had a date…but we need you NOW

You may not recall but we had a date. 

MAY 20th. 

We were going to pop bottles! We were going to celebrate! We were definitely planning on touching as hugs were to be had. Jacob was in remission! And we were going to celebrate with the BAND OF PARENTS,  the exact organization that funded the studies for the immunotherapy and multiple drugs that have saved our Jacob. And on this night, Nightwing would rise and help raise money to help fund another series of drug trials for as we know Neuroblastoma has no cure.

May 20th is off, but please still celebrate with us as us cancer parents need you MORE THAN EVER.

There are hundreds of families who right now are receiving the diagnosis of cancer. There are families during this pandemic that are coming out of 13-hour surgeries like Jacob had making their child especially immune-compromised and frail.

Can you imagine going through pandemic with a child with cancer?!  Think about that the ONE thing you may be clinging to right now is that this virus does not kill the young. What if you didn’t have that peace of mind.

Now…take it a step further…imagine doing this without a place to stay?! Worried about your next meal? 

MANY of cancer parents travel to New York for treatment. Sloan is the ONLY hospital with this formula of 3f8 (humanized). The only other hospital that has this drug is in Barcelona. Therefore, families travel from all over the world and they depend on the Ronald McDonald House to live. Without the house they could not afford nor have the support they need to survive this as often cancer parents have to split their families. One parent staying at home with siblings. Often cancer mom is alone and now alone in a foreign city in the middle of a pandemic.

And now cancer mom is homeless.

The Ronald McDonald house is CLOSED because of a COVID outbreak.

Honestly…no words. 

But here comes humanity…here comes the BAND OF PARENTS. The Band organized quickly to be there for our fellow cancer parents. 

At the Band of Parents, we are trying to do everything that we can to help the families through the crisis. Our efforts include:

  1. Housing: We are currently providing housing to families at the Residence Inn Midtown. We have secured an entire floor dedicated to pediatric patients and are subsidizing rooms so that families pay what they would if staying at the Ronald McDonald House.
  2. Telemedicine: We have provided medical equipment to families so that telemedicine appointments can be easier, more effective and stress-free.
  3. Transportation: Our board members and volunteers are providing transportation to and from distant appointments such as radiation. This enables patients to travel in a known vehicle, with a known driver, without needing to touch door handles. (If you are interested in volunteering, please email Priscilla).

So PLEASE still show up still for me, Jacob, Steve, Benno, and the Band by donating NOW. Donate HERE.

Or do it for this young warrior who is currently staying at a residence the Band of Parents found.

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