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I was just sitting in on Benno’s distant learning from his school…oy! It’s hard to watch. I’ve of course scrapped it and opted to create my own project-based, engaging and rigorous curriculum, but I did keep the morning message in from his teachers. That is important.

I’ve been with Jacob when Benno does school, but this morning I caught the morning message.

The message Benno’s school put out was “HAPPY FRIDAY! I miss you guys can’t wait to see you soon. Have a great weekend!” That was it. The entire purpose of the morning message was absent. Morning meetings/messages serve a very specific purpose, to build community and connection. I totally understand not being ready to do live zoom calls, but this video was tone-deaf. I challenge schools to rethink what you “know.” Morning messages are about community. Show your students your kitchen. Show them knitting you are making. They want to connect with YOU. They want you to share how YOU are feeling so they can too share. Telling them to enjoy their weekend?! And that you can’t wait to see them soon?!


I felt so nauseous Are they not aware that there is no such thing as a weekend?! That every day is a Monday. Geez. Are they not aware that these kids need them more than ever?

And then I think of you. You. Who is dealing with hunkering for the first time. You who is attempting to work and homeschool your children. You who is dealing with financial stress like no other. Oh and don’t forget the anxiety! High dose of that.

I know a lot of you are struggling, especially the ones with younger children or multiple children who need your support. Beyond reaching out to schools and helping them understand what quality online learning looks like, I have decided to try and create content for the “weekends” for you all. An example of inquiry-based projects that involve problem-solving, creativity, and address the elephant in the room- yes we are all home in lockdowns.

But I need your input. Is it easier for me to write out a project on paper or to make a video that your kid can watch? Please comment and let me know.

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  1. You’re amazing! I don’t know how you are doing it all. We love your videos! Thinking of you always and wishing you well. Xo

  2. video!!! you are a true superhero! you are the person I admire most in the whole wide world (web) and couldn’t agree more on the distance learning google docs, need something that kids can follow through on their own

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