Cancer moms unite

How do we do it cancer mom?

People ask me all the time. I’m sure you get your lot of questions too.

Today, like the last two days, we bring Jacob into radiation. We drag him into the car. You know…the daily struggle to get your child to play along with the rules of cancer. You know “sit still,” “only 2 hours more,” “yes we have to do this tomorrow,” etc.  And the unsatisfying “you have to” as an answer to your child as how do you explain to them that if they don’t go they could die.

But I am writing to you cancer mom, because all I can think about is you. As people who love my family worry and stare at us in awe as we deal with everything they are dealing AND on top of it dealing with cancer of a loved one. How we HAVE to travel. That we HAVE to live in the eye of the storm even with two very high-risk individuals. How we deal every day with the reality that this virus is the LESSER of evils. That the fatality rate is one we DREAM of.

And I keep thinking…what if we were at the beginning of the cancer protocols? What if Jacob was going into surgery today?! What if Jacob was mid chemo round?! What if we were living inpatient and were scared of the touch of the nurses that save our children’s life? 

And today, you, cancer mom, walk alone. With the understandably new rules at hospitals, you can’t have your own mom or spouse by your side as you navigate this journey. 

And my heart is breaking for you, because the only thing that kept me going was my Nightwing. My support system and I worry that your support system is taxed. No blame of course. They have their own worries at this point. They are hunkered themselves.

But know this cancer mom. I’m here. We are all here for you no matter what stage. 

Cancer moms need to unite right now. With already the heaviest load for a parent to bear, we need to step up and now support each other more than ever. 

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