Fun with Abby & update

I know with everything going on you have one big question- WHERE ARE THE CHICKS?!

Totally understandable (lol), I apologize for not updating you. As the world has gotten crazy, these guys just keep growing  LOOK

For all of my friends who made fun of me…who is laughing now?! Now you get the search for entertainment. The search for educational activities as you live a life of isolation. Well… every day we feed, clean, and play with chicks. CHECK. Responsibility with a purpose.

And our hunker has only been upgraded with Steve being forced to work from home. HELLO shop teacher. Look at this project they decided to take on. 

I am trying to stick to my promise to create materials that help parents navigate the social-emotional concerns with their children while keeping them engaged and productive. I hope they are helping YOU parent.

Let’s talk about you. If you weren’t wearing many hats before, you have probably just added SIX more. Lunch chef is now added to the previous breakfast and dinner demands, teacher is now something you are supposed to be, and don’t forget cruise ship director! I mean… are we all not cruise ship directors?! STUCK at sea expected to entertain. Geez.

And why are YOU the one expected to solve it? 

I challenge you to STOP that. You will go crazy. Instead, share the challenges with your kids and invite them to solve them. They are more resourceful than they appear:)

In this episode of FUN WITH ABBY, I challenge them to create a fun activity for each day of next week. This activity will also help children (and us) keep track of time. 


Seriously…can someone tell me? 

I’m pretty sure it is Monday. It feels like a Monday, but that was yesterday too…hmmm.

 Kids are feeling dysregulated and are unsure of time and space and in this episode, THEY WILL SOLVE IT.

The following skills are covered:

  • Names of the days of the week
  • Early literacy skills with letter identification
  • Cutting practice.

Discussion topics include:

  • Why are the days feeling the same?
  • Why is this virus different than viruses we have experienced in the past?
  • Why is everything canceled?!

All they will need is this printout. Don’t have a printer?! No worries. Just write the days of the week on a piece of paper. I only made the print out for those who want to practice cutting. I promise to make all activities family friendly!

And this is again for ages 2-6. I swear I’m working on one for older kids, but things have gotten complicated here. Let’s just put it this way…Jacob starts radiation on Monday in the city and we need to figure out how to stay safe while going in the city with a six year old for 7 days with four hour breaks in between each session everyday.

This is by far our biggest challenge through this cancer process. Still figuring it out here…

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  1. OMG the chicks have certainly grown up!!!! WOW. Thanks for sharing. Love to see you smiling.

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