I quit…again

I quit.


At this point in all of our lives, I think we can all say that keeping things positive is the MOST important.  I am just at a point in my career and life (especially after this year) that I won’t be part of anything that I don’t think is in the best interests of children and doesn’t make me happy.

So I quit.

I’m a bit sad to let you all down, Avenues community, but I’m there for you in what really matters and that isn’t math right now. It’s navigating the new reality of the next weeks. Long term task of entertaining kids who have gone stir crazy and what about US?! Navigating the long term social emotional concerns. None of us were raised to be scared of touching surfaces. None of us were raised with our parents playing teacher. What is the long term implications for children? And why is NO ONE talking about that?! Especially SCHOOLS.

I’m in for supporting that cause. 

I’m talking about that and I’ll do it my way. 

Like my grandmother.

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