Zoom ideas for little ones

People have asked me for some good ZOOM activities for the “little littles” with their friends. And I encourage you to reach out to your child’s class parents. You don’t need to wait for your teachers and administrators to create community, community is created by all of us. AND WE NEED IT!

ZOOM IDEAS (for little littles)

  • SHOW & TELL! I would recommend having with each child sharing their favorite “hunker” activity. This will give you ideas and HELP you. You suggesting playing chutes and ladders” versus hearing it from one of their friends…VERY different. Every week you can have different prompts for show and share (share something old, something funny, etc).
  • Simon Says (this can be done in multiple languages)
  • Silly story makers. One parent will “host” and they will start the story “Once upon a time…” and then call on different kids to add to the story. Each child will give a sentence. An adult should be writing down the story as they tell it. Then email the story out and have each friend illustrate a page. Then have a follow-up zoom read aloud!! Each friend can read and show their picture of their one of a kind story.
  • Trivia! Make them silly and easy. Use pictures ONLY (this will require some prep on someone’s part).
Image result for fruit
Q: These are all what?!
  • Comedy Hour! Each friend tells a joke.
  • Talent show! I would recommend spacing this out…little kids tend to get carried away so 3 kids performing for one call is plenty. You can take this to another level and do a FAMILY talent show…or maybe not;)
  • Alphabet Soup! Make alphabet soup! On each call assign kids letters or have a letter of the day and they need to find an object that begins with that letter. It doesn’t need to be food. It could be an object. That is what makes the soup so funny! The host should have a big pot to pretend to collect the objects.
  • What can you do in a minute?! Challenge the class to show something they can do in a minute. Maybe 40 jumping jacks? Draw a cat? Sing a song?

Got to run! I got more. That should get you started!


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