Reset in BLUE

This may be the biggest reset in history or at least our history.

Mankind made to reprioritize. 

Mankind made to rethink.

Mankind made to look at their creations and their consequences. 

Mankind made to isolate from the “pack” to find their own path.

But what color is your reset button?

Is it burning RED or is it blue, green, or even rainbow?!

What if it didn’t represent a STOP, but maybe a GO? A beginning not of panic, but an awakening of what life is really about?

As you know I’m obsessed with the WHY and yes it has brought me down DARK paths especially because of my fundamental belief that things happen for a reason. Hard to swallow when your family has two rare cancers in less than a year and just as hard to swallow watching the world suffer.

But there are signs…to help things make sense. Most of them I’ve found just come to me. Sometimes I don’t even understand them until weeks later. Signs gone unnoticed or without the context to understnad.

Well…my reset button is BLUE. My sign about the WHY came in this image.

Did you hear that there are dolphins in Venice?! Did you hear that the biodiversity SPRUNG back?! That nature rebalanced?!

Now I’ve read that this is “fake news” too. That no dolphins are really there, but that is not how signs work. They are there for you right when you need them. So dolphins or no dolphins, I still stick to the BLUE button. 

RESET accepted.

Now how do we make sure the rest of the world changes their color?

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