“Ms. Brody” is back

Jacob finished his round yesterday. It was rough. He required a lot of “rescues.” More than usual. The pain was INTENSE and I was alone for the first time. Understandably, Sloan has changed its policies. Adult cancer patients now walk into chemo, surgery alone and children are allowed only ONE adult. So I was solo for this his infusion.

But all I can think of is how lucky we are. How Jacob is NED and how this is NOT my first rodeo. That I knew to expect the unexpected. I am “cancer mom.” That took time to accept and even understand.

You see, Cancer doesn’t stop. Cancer doesn’t “close.” Cancer doesn’t care that there is a virus. So many people are receiving diagnoses during this time. Every year 17 million people are diagnosed worldwide (and that number is GROWING). So many people are having their first chemo round right now. Right now when compromised immunity is not an option. Right now when people are worried about how they will pay for their next meal. Thinking a lot about those people.

And I know of a family with BOTH parents with this virus and 5 kids at home. How does one even support that?! It’s not like anyone is running over to babysit! I’ve been racking my brain. We are sending food, but what else?! So I bought a RUMBA! Oy. That was all I could think of.

And on top of it all…Avenues called. They asked me to come back during this time to support distance learning and to lead content design.

I know…I know…I should say no, but I can’t. I said yes. I said yes for you, Nightwingers. I return to support you. It’s my turn to give back. I need to pay forward what you all at Avenues have done for me. 

So…MS. BRODY is back. For a bit. Let me be clear on that…for a BIT. I will be there for you all until I’m no longer needed. I am honored to be of service. 


I hear you. I hear you all and I will advocate for you, every single one of you. All the anxiety and stress. In our community families will lose their jobs. In our community families are tearing their hair out of their head already being “hunkered.” In our community, we now have children growing up with something none of us experienced as children. You don’t know how to do this “right.” No one does. So we will figure this all out TOGETHER. You hear that?! TOGETHER.

And I promise in any of my advice I will NEVER refer to this time as “Spring Break!” PLEASE. Please find me a person (faculty included) on Spring Break. This is the time where Avenues needs to come together. Be stronger than EVER. Supporting each other. Parents supporting faculty, faculty supporting parents. I look forward to being part of this community while behind the scenes creating the most KICK-ASS Lower Division Avenues Online curriculum (dream!). 

I will be writing less…that will just be a reality. But I feel good about this. I know it’s the right thing to do and it feels good to help. 

I challenge you to do the same. Find some way to help another. It will get you to think less about your own predicament. Trust me…it works!

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